Hi, my name is Shane and I work day to day as an on-site computer technician. This job involves travelling to multiple different homes and businesses each day to perform computer maintenance which is then billed hourly.

When doing on-site work I write down the time I started a job and afterwards the time it ended on a timesheet in my car. At the end of the day I calculate the duration of each job for reporting and billing.

Calculating a number of different time durations like this manually ends up being a time consuming task. Time to Time was created to help people such as myself in dealing with the calculation of different times and durations daily.

Sure there are other ways of doing this and other calculators out there that can calculate times and durations but when using them I found myself completely frustrated more often than not. Time to Time was made to be as user friendly as easy to use as possible for my own sanity.

Please give Time to Time a go and let me know what you think!